The G8 Young Summit is an annual summit that occurs prior to the formal G8 meeting of the Heads of State of the respective countries. The G8 YS Summits are held in order to prepare a set of solutions and recommendations to be spread across the World and to be shared globally, specifically, with the G8 Heads of State... Read more
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"To engage the leaders of tomorrow to help one another achieve a better world in which we live. These like-minded global leaders will collaborate to address the challenges of today and tomorrow."
G8 YS is built on three main pillars:
Two Summit Sessions
In the first of these Sessions the topics will be presented and the program formally initialized. At the second and final of these Sessions, the official Communique (the collective findings and recommendations of the various committees) will be presented to all the delegates for ratification.
Committee Meetings
Strategies and solutions pertaining to the three priority issues will be discussed.  These recommendations will be incorporated into the final Communique.
Social Events
Off the record dialogue addressing global solutions and recommendations and professional networking.